Conspiracy Not The Crime

This is the first person account of a fugitive. He knew he was in trouble – big trouble. So he ran – for 31 years. Until finally, he realized, he didn’t want to run anymore.

The story was produced by Max Miller in collaboration with KCRW's Unfictional, where Nick White, Carla Green, and Bob Carlson help edit and produce this story. Editorial support and sound design from Jonathan Hirsch. Nick White mixed the show.

Illustration by Steph Tan.


In 1915, thousands of Armenian Christians were forced by the Ottoman government to march to their death into the deserts of Anatolia. A man named Stepan survived this march with the help of a muslim sheikh. Nearly a century later, his granddaughter returned to the region to retrace his path to America, and to thank the family of the man who saved her grandfather's life. 

You can hear more about Dawn's journey by picking up a copy of her book "The Hundred Year Walk"

Poeta en Las Lomas

"You were the angriest against injustice, and you were the hungriest for something new". 

From drive-by shootings and drug addiction in the ganglands of the San Gabriel Valley to a life dedicated to poetry and community service: the story of Los Angeles Poet Laureate Luis Rodriguez this week on ARRVLS.   

The Adventures of Joe Lumbroso - Part 2

Part Two of our series on the life and remarkable times of Joe Lumbroso: 

The Children of God, or The Family as it's sometimes called, was founded in California in the late 1960's. The Family is a fringe religious group with a worldwide following. Their leader referred to himself as a prophet, as moses, as a king. The group has become infamous for many of their practices, including the use of sex as a missionary tool. 

Rarely do we have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at life in groups like the Children of God. In this week's episode and next, we are fortunate to  bring you a two part series on a life inside The Children of God.