On christmas day, the propellor on a four-seater Cessna died, along with the engine. Robin Holleran and her brother-in-law found themselves floating in the air outside Atlanta nowhere near a landing strip. Episode 3 of ARRVLS is a story about how a brush with death, can turn into a new lease on life. Featuring music from the Seattle-based Grand Hallway. Their front man, Tomo Nakayama, has a new album called "Fog On The Lens", which you should definitely check out. Robin Holleran is co-editing a new anthology of plane crash survivor stories, which will be released by Skyhorse Publishing at the end of 2015. More on Robin can be found at her website, or by emailing her at You can now pre-order her book "Brace For Impact" on Amazon, here

Written & Produced by Jonathan I. Hirsch 
Mixing & Sound Design by Benjamin Kruse 
Original Score by Benjamin Kruse & Jonathan I. Hirsch 
Additional Music by Grand Hallway