If our bodies are maps, it is our parents who provide the ink. Their genetic code draws out the boundaries of our personal geography.

And we all know that this map like every map, changes over time. Continents grow smaller, oceans wider..our shape changing in a solution to the equation of gravity over age. But for some that ink is the kind that disappears.

We all live with the knowledge of our own mortality, but what about those who know more, how do you chart a course through the world when the end is a known entity? Today on ARRVLS, a family and the map that they share.

Producer Jonathan I. Hirsch & Garrett Tiedemann
Editor Jonathan I. Hirsch
Associate Producer Nora Linde & Emma Jacobs
Sound Design & Composition Garrett Tiedemann & Jonathan I. Hirsch
Additional Music James Joshua Otto & Ibor Khabarov

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