Gringa Sis

A 17 year old Chilean girl decides to travel to the US as an exchange student. Her host family lives in Minnesota. When she arrives, she quickly becomes fast friends with a girl her age in the house. 

But not long after she arrives, the exchange student finds out that she's pregnant. She gives birth to her daughter in the US, and returns to Chile. 

She has another child, named Guido. And growing up, Guido develops a fascination for American culture. He becomes an exceptional English speaker by meticulously studying movies, tv, and reading english language websites. 

In 2010, an 8.8 earthquake hit chile, causing catastrophic damage. The campus where Guido is going to college is slow to rebuild their facilities, and in 2013 the campus wide protests grounded classes to a halt. Guido becomes disenchanted. He decides to drop out of college. But before he does, he mom has an idea: why not go to the U.S. for a while? You can stay with my "gringa sis" she tells him. But what seems like a great idea at first, turns out to be something quite different than Guido could have ever imagined. 

Producer Jonathan Hirsch, Rob McGinley Myers, Nora Linde
Editor Jonathan Hirsch, Rob McGinley Myers
Mixing, Scoring, & Sound Design Jonathan Hirsch
Additional Music Ketsa, Will Bangs, Caballo, Onda Bidon, Coldnoise, Return To Normal, El Romolon