Mama, I'm A Girl

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We'd like to believe that culture is something that evolves. That the current generation learns from the mistakes of the ones that came before them, and that we move, albeit in fits and starts, towards a more just, inclusive, and equitable society. But somewhere in the midst of this daily march forward, are the stories of our own complicated lives. And for some the most essential part of their identity remains misunderstood to most people. Today on the show: how one child taught their parent, who they really were.

"Mommy, something went wrong in your tummy. Put me back so I can come out a girl.”

Marlo heard these words from her four-year-old child. Despite being born with male organs, her child has insisted she’s a girl ever since she could form complete sentences.  Marlo discusses switching names and pronouns, clothes shopping, supporting her daughter’s decision on whom she does or doesn’t tell, and her own complicated and beautiful experience of having a child she once perceived as a little boy become a little girl.

Guest  Marlo Mack
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