Norman's House

There are a lot of stories about friendship, community, and survival that have been born from AIDS.  There are plays and movies that underscore the anger and the activism, and music that defines the tragedy.  But for every song and every movie, there is a person. There is a community. There are friends that must embrace the bittersweet realities of life and of death. There are loved ones buried too early.     

Today on ARRVLS: the story of three friends, a disease, and the opera.

Produced by Benjamin Riskin & Jonathan Hirsch
Associate Producer Nora Linde
Editorial Assistance Sara Brooke Curtis
Engineering & Sound Design Jonathan Hirsch

Music Credits

  • "Eh-Quoi-Des-Danseset-Des-Fêtes" performed by Norman
  • "Dido's Lament" performed by Lindsay Allen 
  • "Church Club" Jonatan Jarpeg 
  • Additional Scoring by Jonathan Hirsch