The Adventures of Joe Lumbroso - Part 1

The Children of God, or The Family as it's sometimes called, was founded in California in the late 1960's. The Family is a fringe religious group with a worldwide following. Their leader referred to himself as a prophet, as moses, as a king. The group has become infamous for many of their practices, including the use of sex as a missionary tool. 

Rarely do we have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at life in groups like the Children of God. In this week's episode and next, we are fortunate to  bring you a two part series on a life inside The Children of God. 

Forty Blinks

One brisk autumn morning in Brooklyn, Katie decided to go for a bike ride. Little did she know that the gruesome events to follow would nearly cost Katie her life, and forever change how she looked at the world. 

Read Katie's new memoir, "How to Get Run Over by a Truck" 

Production & Sound Design  Jonathan Hirsch
Editor Nora Linde
Music  Jonathan Hirsch & Emil Axelsson


He's been a womanizing petty criminal. A revolutionary marxist. An ex-con bank robber. A spiritual teacher. This week on ARRVLS, we go on a journey through the many lives of John Sherman. 

Find out more about John & Carla Sherman's organization Just One Look, by visiting their website

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Producer Hans Anderson & Jonathan Hirsch
Editor Jonathan Hirsch
Sound Design Jonathan Hirsch
Episode Art Steph Tan




Catie's dad joined the FBI after serving in Vietnam. Despite the popular portrayals of FBI agents in the media, Catie's dad was a dressed-down family man with a day job that happened to be highly classified. But things changed dramatically in Catie's life when her dad became very ill, and the mystery of her dad's illness would haunt her for years.

Then one day, she went to the movies. 

Producer & Sound Designer by Jonathan I. Hirsch
Associate Producer Nora Linde
Additional Music by Hakan Erikkson & Martin Landh
Episode Art by Steph Tan

Original compositions in today's episode are by Jonathan Hirsch and Shani Aviram. They've collaborated in launching a new "small batch" music library for producers of film, tv, and radio projects. To find out more, visit Liminal Audio