King Rickey & The Knights Of The Playa


Falling in love isn’t something we can will into existence. It just happens. You feel it and the rest unfolds from that moment. And looking back, we know more about ourselves, who we were at the time we fell for another, and who we’ve become, than we could ever know at the time. It is the biggest kind of ARRVLS story. Not just because loving someone else is the defining moment in many of our lives, but because learning to love lasts as long as we do, and while we are not long on this planet, the legends of love and love lost precede us, and live on after we go.

Today’s show explores a place where human and legend meet; no doubt a recurring theme in the stories featured on this program. It’s about a man who travelled across many states, cities, and seasons to find, and to forget his first true love.


Produced by Jonathan I. Hirsch
Mixed & Mastered by Benjamin Kruse
Theme Music by Jascha Hoffman and Leo Sidran
Featuring Music by Michael Warren Grant and DAM