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Why We Need Superheroes

The Blazing Echidna is, in a way, a story about never giving up on your dreams, no matter how old you are. Ethan decides that even at age 29, you can still become a superhero. And since many of us adults seem to have trouble living our dreams, I decided to ask Nadia (age 12) and Mila (age 9), what they thought about Ethan's message of superheroes, courage, and growing up. 

"It's not like a superhero with the fancy suits and superheroes" says Mila. "It's like saving someones life if they're going to get hit by a car, you push them out of the way."  

Nadia notes that superheroes are something that today's world needs. "Being a superhero is helping our planet" says Nadia. "By having compassion for humans and seeing what we can do to make this world a loving better place and that's what superheroes should do."

So it would seem that all of us have an opportunity to become superheroes..it's as easy as being human. Thanks to Nadia and Mila for sharing their thoughts on what a superhero is, and why we need them. 

You can listen to the story of Ethan Hughes, "Blazing Echidna", in episode 1 of ARRVLS. 

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