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Vinny The Fish Man

Vinny The Fishman

Sometimes I am reminded of how there are, if you look closely enough, remarkable people on every street corner.

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking through the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn with my friend Melody. In front of a polish food and fish market, a large basin filled with live fish. I peeked in a large bin filled three feet high with water, stuffed with large, live fish. We stopped and took some pictures. Then, a man wearing large rubber gloves approached us. He asked us if we wanted to take a picture with him and the fish. I took it as an opportunity to asked him a little bit about himself. I told him about the program, and asked him if he could remember a moment in his life when an unexpected change had dramatically changed his perspective. And without a moment's hesitation he answered: This is his story.

My friend and I left Vin and headed down Nassau towards Manhattan avenue; both of us a little stunned, and inspired. 


The Bin of Squirming Fish

The Empire of Lights


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