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The Bin of Squirming Fish

Much of the inspiration for ARRVLS draws upon the complex mix of emotions that define New York City living: the sense of being trapped on crowded trains at rush hour; surrounded by scores of nameless others with whom you are inextricably connected to.

There's an odd intersection of emotions felt in a city like New York: we by nature desire connection, but are thrust all too intimately without choice into the underarms of a stranger on the subway. At least for me, this stark contrast creates a curious feeling: equal parts distrust and total curiosity. 

So when I met Vinny, as I leaned over a bin of live fish all squished together and squirming, the metaphor seemed apt. And afterward, I thought about this picture often, how it portrays my feelings about this city, and about that particular moment in time. 

Here's episode 3 of season 2 of En Route, which tells Vinny's story: 

Arizona Dream

Vinny The Fish Man


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