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Arizona Dream

Today's Friday Dream is the 1993 Film Arizona Dream, which stars Johnny Depp and Vincent Gallo, in which Depp plays a young man who left his home in Arizona to became a fish tagger in New York City. His cousin is played by Vincent Gallo, who convinces him to return home for the wedding of his uncle. All the while, he is dogged by a dream in which he catches a rare fish in the Alaskan wilderness.

The film is a quirky, surrealistic take on the American dream, which is worth the watch for this fact alone. But it is also a movie about how the real landscapes become a backdrop for our imagination. How in our dreams we may wander into territories as real as day, and that odd and beautiful place were imagination and reality communicate to one another. 

The connection between dreams of Alaska and the "New York Dream" struck me as well, particularly in light of the fact that my first trip outside of New York after moving here was to Alaska. I documented this trip in the final episode of Season 1 of En Route. 

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