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The Mysterious Skyjacking of D.B. Cooper

I like to believe that the world still retains some mystery that the legion of internet crawlers (myself included) haven't unearthed in some dusty corner of data. The story of D.B. Cooper is one such mystery. 

A polite, well dressed man hands a note to a stewardess on a flight from Portland to Seattle. 

The note enumerated his requests: namely, that a 200,000 and a parachute be supplied to him, at which point the passengers (but not the flight crew) would be allowed to exit the plane. The plane would continue after that. 

Cooper, along with the ransom money, parachuted out the back of the plane, and was never seen again. Much has been written and speculated about this story, including (spoiler alert!) a future episode of ARRVLS.

Stay tuned for that. 

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