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Let Me Stop You For A Second

In our most recent episode of En Route, photographer Jean Andre Antoine discusses the differences between the photo and the image. He took the brief time we had together to impress upon me the critical distinction between a manipulable photo, and one that exists in exactly the same manner as it was originally created. 

As my friend and I walked across The Highline Park in New York, he reached out to me (Digital Camera around my neck) to start a conversation, and to offer to take our picture. Him standing there reaching out to the preoccupied amblers seemed to me to be a perfect metaphor for what Antoine is trying to communicate: let's stop, and look at the world differently for a moment. 

It's something we try to do everyday with our stories. To create a new, lasting, and different view in a world of news clips and twitter streams and 24-hour traffic. Is it earnest, or is naive? We'll let others decide. 

Now, back to work. 

Paula Modersohn Becker

Photo vs. Image


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