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Tough Love In Bible Boot Camps

In our most recent episode of ARRVLS, we explore the world of one 11 year old girl, sent away against her will to a "tough love" boarding academy that promised her parent's to return their child better off than when she arrived. The school was later closed under a hail of controversy and criminal charges for practices that went a step too far.

But Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy, the subject of episode 7 of ARRVLS, is just one of many schools that offer a sometimes extreme disciplinary approach to "correcting" children's behavior. An article in the August 12th issue of The Atlantic explores another kind of disciplinary school: one that uses the outdoors as its classroom. 

So how far do we go to correct behavior? And how far is too far? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Take a listen to our episode "Welcome To Mountain Park" and share your perspective with us. 

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