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New Song: "Underground Flight"

Many of the compositions you'll hear in an ARRVLS broadcast, sometimes all of them, are composed in-house, specifically written to reflect the feeling and the moment that the music rests underneath. Following episodes of the show, we're going to start releasing extended versions of those songs for you to listen to. A free download will be available for the first month following the release as well. 

Today, from our most recent episode "Movments", a composition called "Underground Flight". This composition is from an early sequence in the story. It portrays how the memory of a sound can influence future environments. A sound can stay with you long after it's gone. 

Listen to the story that inspired the music, episode 27 of ARRVLS, "Movements". 

Hear more behind-the-scenes from episode 27 in this week's edition of the ARRVLS microcast "En Route". We're launching a very special project that we want you to be a part of. Listen to "Making Movements" to find out more. 


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New Book On Plane Crash Survivors

New Book On Plane Crash Survivors


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