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ARRVLS Season 4 Story Call

ARRVLS is an audio documentary podcast and live event featuring stories of transformative change. In our first three seasons, we've shared stories from a broad spectrum of human experience: from growing up autistic in the deep south in the 1930's to surviving a small plane crash, ARRVLS details the moments when transformative and unexpected change alters the course of a person's life.

We're now in production on our fourth season of stories and we're actively seeking submissions. If you have a story to tell of how your life has been transformed by the unexpected, we want to hear from you. If you know someone whose story has stayed with you, a story you think we need to hear, drop us a line. If you are a producer and you'd like to co-produce an episode of the show, now is the time to get in touch with us.

To help you out with the submissions process, here are some tips:

ARRVLS stories fall into three general categories: migration, transformation, and change.

Migration: Stories that explore movement and place as activators in our lives. Road trips, vision quests, adventures, moves, border crossings , literal migrations and transmigrations -- journeys of all kinds. We‘re interested in any story where truths about one's self are revealed in the act of moving from one place to the next.

Transformation: Stories about our inner machinations: personal awakenings, internal shifts, changes of heart and mind, psychological shifts. This could also include social movements , communities changing together, and stories of human progress. Any story exploring how the inner world shifts and moves in unexpected ways to redefine who we think we are.

Change: Stories about the environment and the world physically changing around us: this could be the result of climate change, accidents, shifts in nature, and other nature-borne events. It could also include physical changes in the body. We’re interested in any story that highlights how our physical surroundings upend and reinvent our worldview.

ARRVLS stories are non-narrated, meaning the story is told entirely through the voice of the subject and presented without comment. Sound and sound design are a critical component of our stories. Submissions that highlight new and interesting sonic territories are strongly encouraged.

If you have a story, send us a brief description of the main elements, and your location or the location of the subject. Let us know how this story fits into the themes of the show. If you're a producer looking to work with us, send us an example of your work as well.

Submissions will be open through Friday, November 11th, but we have limited slots available for submitted works so early pitches are strongly encouraged.

Email your pitches to arrivalsshow@gmail.com with the subject line "Pitch".




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Introducing Liminal


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