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Witches are the New Hipsters

In our recent story “Sacred Operator” producer Karen Robins takes us inside the mind and world of a tarot card reader. For En Route, Karen and I talk about the story, her biggest takeaways, and how the occult has suddenly become trendy. 

Listen to the episode of ARRVLS Karen Robins produced, "Sacred Operator"

I Never Thought It Would Take This Long

 In our recent story “Norman’s House” producer Ben Riskin brings us the story of Darren, Tom, and Norman. Ben discusses the process of discovering the story of their friendship, and what we learn from their story. 

Be sure to listen back to the original episode of ARRVLS, "Norman's House". 

Audio Cinema

In our recent story “Junji” producer Tally Abecassis, host of the “First Day Back” podcast brings us the story of Junji Nishihata, a Japanese Canadian who struggles with his identity as a foreigner amid the national crisis that followed the 2011 earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan. Tally and I talked about how she came to the story, and how documentary filmmaking does and doesn’t inform her radio work.

If you haven't already, be sure to listen to the episode of ARRVLS tally produced for the show, Junji 



Making Movements

In our recent story “Movements” producer Sara Curtis and I shared our experiences, the sights and sounds, of the cities where we lived. Cities we were each moving away from..me from New York to Los Angeles and Sara from San Francisco to the Northeast. And this wasn’t just a whispy farewell to the cities where we lived..at the end of the day, both of us felt like we’d made something more universal. As if the stories we told were less about a specific place, and more about how each of us interacted with the world around us. Sara and I talked a lot after the show aired about what “movements” meant to each of us. And, naturally, as we did for the episode, we recorded our conversation.

Listen to the original episode of ARRVLS we produced together, "Movements"

And now we want to hear about your walk home.  

We invite you to take out your phone or recorder and record some of the sounds that you hear on your way home.. On your way home from school, from work, from an appointment, from your lover’s house..Record the sound of your shoes on the ground moving through space. Record the things that move you even if you have no idea why they do. Record things that make sounds and cause you to pause a moment and just listen. Do you take public transit home?  If you do, what do you hear around you, what sticks out?  Record the sound in your taxi, or your carpool or on your bicycle. Nobody knows exactly what it’s like to move thru space the way you do, to see and hear things the way you do, nobody knows what it’s like to live where you do, let us in with sounds you collect and observations you make.  Make sure to try and record at least 20 seconds of whatever sounds you find.. Once you’re home, if you’re moved to, write down a little more about what was happening in those moments you recorded, and write down or record  some of the observations that you made. This is the beginining of a collaborative project that we are really excited for you to be a part of.  So, you have until April 15th 2016 to send us your sounds and observations. Got it? Email us with your submissions or any questions to: arrivalsshow@gmail.com



In Another Life, That Was Me

In our most recent episode of ARRVLS featured the story of Ney Melo. He grew up in New York, in the Bronx worked as a trader for Morgan Stanley, and then later he became an investment banker at Lehman Brothers. At the time when he was working there the Lehman Brothers office was just down the street from the World Trade Center. And Ney was at work on September 11th, 2001. 

Listen to Ney's Story, "Manhattan Milonguero"

The thing about Ney was that he'd known for a while that he wasn't happy in his job, and something about that terrible day made him reevaluate things, and through a series of twists and turns he found himself in Argentina studying tango. It's such a cool and inspiring story, and at the end of the interview I was just curious what it was about tango that he loved so much. Why not salsa or ballroom dancing or some other dance? And this is what he told me. 

Thank You, White Schoolchildren

For our recent episode "Felix The Different", Felix Neals chronicles his journey from being a quiet child in a small subdivision bordering the everglade swamp on the outskirts of Miami in the 1930's, to dodging harassment from the KKK while in college in Pocatello, Idaho. 

I met up with felix after our interview, at the Hudson River Park in Manhattan, and he shared with me a piece of writing that he hesitated to call a poem, but rather called it "reflections on a tin mirror".

What Version of Human Are You?

For our recent episode "Mama I'm A Girl", Marlo Mack of the podcast How To Be A Girl, tells the story of raising her transgender daughter. 

At the end of our conversation, we wanted to know how Marlo has grown through the process of discovery of her child's identity, how her daughter has transformed her way of looking at the world, and whether or not she has advice for parents with children like hers. 

Produced by Jonathan I. Hirsch

New York To Be Frank

A friend called today asking me how I like New York City.
I wanted to tell her how I really felt:
That Frank Sinatra can go fuck himself, 
“If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere,“
as if residing here is like making love on a waterbed that’s half-full or half-empty;
That New York City is three fingers of whisky that could corrode a toilet bowl, neat;
you mask the mouth fire with a gritty poker face, compliment its notes, 
and check your chest for hair;
That the Big Apple is a collection of Greatest Hits compact discs,
and to be a New Yorker is to be a model on a photo shoot for a motivational poster--
posing at the foot of a mountain you’re never actually going to climb;
Instead, I told her what I tell the cousin I see once a year at my family Christmas party:
“It’s great. You should come visit sometime.”

Written & Performed Drew Farrell
Produced & Edited Jonathan Hirsch

Meeting Ethan

When he was 15 years old, Jonathan Hirsch met a met in a superhero costume on a train. 15 years later, he found him again.  

Ethan's side of the story can be hear in episode 1 of ARRVLS: "The Blazing Echidna" at:


Hosted by Gabrielle Lewis 
Produced by Gabrielle Lewis & Jonathan Hirsch 
Edited by Gabrielle Lewis & Jakob Lewis 
Sound Design by Jonathan Hirsch 

Matthew Silver Farts Hearts

Many New Yorkers will instantly recognize Matthew Silver's face; even some people outside of New York who have caught wind of the viral video for which he was the subject, will recognize the scarcely dressed bearded eccentric dancing in the 42nd street subway station or Union Square Pavillion, making fart noises and preaching his message of love. Why does he do it?

Today on En Route, the story of Matthew Silver.