En Route

In Another Life, That Was Me

In our most recent episode of ARRVLS featured the story of Ney Melo. He grew up in New York, in the Bronx worked as a trader for Morgan Stanley, and then later he became an investment banker at Lehman Brothers. At the time when he was working there the Lehman Brothers office was just down the street from the World Trade Center. And Ney was at work on September 11th, 2001. 

Listen to Ney's Story, "Manhattan Milonguero"

The thing about Ney was that he'd known for a while that he wasn't happy in his job, and something about that terrible day made him reevaluate things, and through a series of twists and turns he found himself in Argentina studying tango. It's such a cool and inspiring story, and at the end of the interview I was just curious what it was about tango that he loved so much. Why not salsa or ballroom dancing or some other dance? And this is what he told me.