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Making Movements

Making Movements

In our recent story “Movements” producer Sara Curtis and I shared our experiences, the sights and sounds, of the cities where we lived. Cities we were each moving away from..me from New York to Los Angeles and Sara from San Francisco to the Northeast. And this wasn’t just a whispy farewell to the cities where we lived..at the end of the day, both of us felt like we’d made something more universal. As if the stories we told were less about a specific place, and more about how each of us interacted with the world around us. Sara and I talked a lot after the show aired about what “movements” meant to each of us. And, naturally, as we did for the episode, we recorded our conversation.

Listen to the original episode of ARRVLS we produced together, "Movements"

And now we want to hear about your walk home.  

We invite you to take out your phone or recorder and record some of the sounds that you hear on your way home.. On your way home from school, from work, from an appointment, from your lover’s house..Record the sound of your shoes on the ground moving through space. Record the things that move you even if you have no idea why they do. Record things that make sounds and cause you to pause a moment and just listen. Do you take public transit home?  If you do, what do you hear around you, what sticks out?  Record the sound in your taxi, or your carpool or on your bicycle. Nobody knows exactly what it’s like to move thru space the way you do, to see and hear things the way you do, nobody knows what it’s like to live where you do, let us in with sounds you collect and observations you make.  Make sure to try and record at least 20 seconds of whatever sounds you find.. Once you’re home, if you’re moved to, write down a little more about what was happening in those moments you recorded, and write down or record  some of the observations that you made. This is the beginining of a collaborative project that we are really excited for you to be a part of.  So, you have until April 15th 2016 to send us your sounds and observations. Got it? Email us with your submissions or any questions to: arrivalsshow@gmail.com



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